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Birth Services by Britt offers professional, compassionate, and individualized doula support and placenta services to Twin Cities families

What we value:

respect and support for your choices

total confidence in you and your partner

respect for the intimacy of birth for you your family

a team-work approach to birth support

and most of all...

that you love your birthing experience

welcome, baby

2018 BSBB babies

Baby B - 6lbs 12oz

Baby Z - 8lbs 1oz

Baby R - 5lbs 10oz

Baby Z - 8lbs 10oz

Baby P - 7lbs 13oz

Baby A - 7lbs 15oz

Baby M - 7lbs 15oz

Baby E - 7lbs 10oz

Baby F - 9lbs 0oz

Baby M - 8lbs 2oz

Baby C - 8lbs 2oz

Baby I - 7lbs 5oz

Baby A - 7lbs 13oz

Baby A - 7lbs 10oz

Baby A - 10lbs 2oz

Baby M - 7lbs 14oz

Baby P - 6lbs 11oz

Baby W - 6lbs 7oz

Baby A - 9lbs 5oz

Baby E - 6lbs 14oz

Baby G - 5lbs 10oz

Baby L - 6lbs 14oz

Baby M - 8lbs 1oz

Baby M - 7lbs 10oz

Baby J - 5lbs 13oz

Baby O - 8lbs 5oz

Baby W - 9lbs 12oz

Baby R - 9lbs 7oz

Baby T - 7lbs 10oz

Baby E - 8lbs 5oz

baby announcements & photos always shared with parental consent

Member of DONA International

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