placenta medicine

Benefits of encapsulating:

Ingesting the placenta has been shown to: increase breast milk production, improve energy levels, restore iron, reduce the incidence of postpartum mood disorders, reduce bleeding, speed healing, regulate hormones during the postpartum shift, and encourage bonding with your baby due to increased oxytocin production.

placenta encapsulation

Processed with your choice method of raw prep, TCM, or half & half

$250 | $275 half & half

placenta tincture

Order with or without placenta encapsulation, ready 6-8 weeks after birth



A print of your placenta is taken on a piece of canvas, and preserved


placenta salve

A rich and nourishing salve made from healing elements in your placenta and essential oils.



Herbal add-ons to steamed encapsulation and placenta salves

$5 - $10

cord art

Cord keepsakes shaped into the 

letter, word, or shape of your choice


Coming Soon - January 2020

Our postpartum healing offerings are expanding!  The following products will soon be available for purchase:

Herbal bath - dry herb pack

Herbal soak - prepackaged

Padsicle & peri bottle tea kit

Herbal sitz spray

New postpartum home-care packages

Is ingesting the placenta safe?

The placenta is an incredible organ grown by the birthing person or gestational parent during pregnancy.  The placenta is completely responsible for getting nutrients and oxygen to your baby, and produces many different hormones that support pregnancy, birth, and lactation!  After birth, the placenta can be very nourishing for the birthing person as well.

Most mammals consume their placenta after birth, and the placenta has been used in traditional chinese mdicine for centuries as a blood restorer.  Sheep placenta is even an active ingredient in some of our high-end anti-aging beauty products!  

Unfortunately, encapsulation has not been well studied yet.  Even though it's an age-old custom, it's only recently repopularized.  Although we lack randomized controlled placebo trials, we have thousands of anecdotes from people who encapsulated during their postpartum time and reported their experienced benefits.  The studies we do have show:

- that placenta encapsulation does help restore your iron after childbirth

- that processed placenta capsules contain 15-17 hormones present during pregnancy, labor, and birth, suggesting that it may play a role in hormone regulation

- studies have not shown there to be harm caused by ingesting the placenta

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