Letter of Agreement for Placenta Services

Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it has been dehydrated, ground, and placed into pills.  Research has shown that the benefits of placenta encapsulation include:  increased oxytocin release (helps the uterus return to normal size and encourages bonding baby), an increase in CRH, a stress-reducing hormone, a decrease in post-partum depression levels, a quicker restoration of iron levels in the blood, and an increase in milk production, however the benefits experienced by each individual will vary.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Description of Services

I will pick up your placenta from your birth place, or bring your placenta home after your birth if you are an existing doula client.  I will process your placenta, and deliver it to you within 72 hours of pick-up.  Instructions for use will be included in your package at drop off.  

Client Responsibility

Please notify me when you are in labor.  After your birth, you or your designated support person may contact me to pick up your placenta.  You or your support persons will be responsible for notifying your place of birth and care provider that you would like to keep your placenta, and that I will be picking it up to process.  Your placenta must be refrigerated or placed on ice within two hours of birth.  Clients may choose to bring a disposable cooler to their birth.  Placentas that will be processed more than three days after birth must be frozen.  Please allow up to two additional days to process for frozen placentas.

Pick-up window: I will pick-up your placenta from your home or birth place between 9am and 5pm.


Overnight births: please place your placenta on ice if your birth occurs overnight or during the early morning hours.  Clients may choose to bring a disposable cooler to their birth for these situations.  I will pick-up your placenta during pick-up hours the following day.  Clients may also choose to send their placenta home with a family member or their doula, and I will pick up from the designated person.


Two hour time-limits: certain hospitals require placentas to be off hospital property within two hours if the client is choosing to take their placenta home.  An exception to the overnight birth pick-up window will be made for such situations.  Please call me directly if your placenta needs to be off hospital grounds within a certain timeframe.

If any of the following conditions are met, your placenta cannot be encapsulated: HIV/AIDS, active Herpes outbreak, Hepatitis B and/or C, uterine infection, or unexplained fever during labor.  Additional abnormalities may prohibit your placenta from being processed.  Meconium staining, epidurals, medication use during labor, and GBS positive status do not contraindicate placenta encapsulation.

Processing Methods 

Raw Placenta Encapsulation:  Your placenta will be cleaned and dehydrated without cooking.  Benefits of raw placenta encapsulation may include more effective mood-enhancing and higher energy levels.

Steamed placenta encapsulation (also known as TCM method):  Your placenta will be cleaned and steamed prior to dehydrating.  Steamed placenta encapsulation reduces the risk of your placenta capsules spoiling and kills bacteria, however, there is some concern (anecdotal) that the steaming process inhibits the integrity of the hormones in your placenta.  Benefits of steamed encapsulation may include quicker iron restoration.  Please note:  I am not a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, therefore I do not add herbs to your placenta when steaming.   You may provide herbs you'd like added, or herbs prescribed to you.  You may choose to add any of (or a combination of) the following additions that I provide at no additional cost: lemon, ginger, chili pepper, or lavender honey.  


*Please note, both raw and steamed encapsulation are dehydrated at or above 160 F in accordance with safe food handling regulations.

Tincture:  A small piece of the placenta is distilled in water and organic vodka to make a tincture.  Tinctures take six weeks to process, and can be stored indefinitely.  Unlike placenta capsules, tinctures are used as needed and not on a daily basis.  Possible uses for a placenta tincture include (but aren't limited to): problem days, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, to help increase milk supply, and any other issue caused by a hormonal shift.  Please note, you may choose placenta encapsulation and a placenta tincture as the tincture requires a very small portion of your placenta.

Canvas Prints:  Prior to processing, your placenta will be placed on a canvas.  The print will be painted to preserve your print.  Canvas prints are dropped off at the same time as your placenta capsules.

Salve: A rich, soothing salve is made from an infusion of your placenta with organic food and vitamin oils, beeswax, and your choice of a blend of essential oils.  The essential oils I offer have been shown to be beneficial for the birthing person (ex. pain relief, stress reduction, etc.) and safe for use near babies.  All essential oils are heavily diluted and safe for topical use.  You may request and provide an alternate oil for use at your own discretion, however, I do not accept liability for self-provided oils.  Please note the salve is for topical use only and is not to be ingested.


Placenta encapsulation products come with a keepsake of your baby's umbilical cord.  If you have a preferred shape, please let me know prior to releasing your placenta to me.  If you are requesting a keepsake with specific initials or wording (4 letter word maximum, may or may not be possible depending on the cord) please request your provider cut the cord long.



The following fee schedule includes payment for the following:

  • Mileage (pick-up, drop-off)

  • Preparation time (sterilization), preparation materials

  • Processing time

  • Non-reusable product (sterile vegan capsules)

  • Packaging

A $100 deposit is required to guarantee services.  Because aspects of the encapsulation process include non-reusable and non-refundable product and preparation measures, refund policies are as follows:


  • No refund of the deposit will be given if the client does not call for pick-up. 

  • No refund will be given if the client changes their mind or chooses not to use or consume their placenta products after processing has begun.  Clients are responsible for full payment for their completed product.  I strive to provide high-quality products in a timely manner.  In the rare circumstance that the client has concerns regarding the quality their product, refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • A full refund of the deposit and placenta fee will be given for inability to encapsulate for medical reasons. 

  • A full refund of the depsoit and placenta fee will be given if I am unable to encapsulate for any other reason.

The remainder payment must be paid prior to delivery of your product.  Payments can be made using debit/credit, HSA/FSA, or ACH via the "payments" section using your access code.  Other accepted payment methods include: P2P platforms (venmo, cashapp, etc.) prior to drop-off, or check/cash at the time of drop-off.


I will contact you directly when your placenta is ready for drop-off, and will bring your placenta to your home or birth place when complete.

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