Postpartum Doula Contract

Breakdown of Services

All potential clients are entitled to a free consultation whether or not a contract for services is signed. 


Postpartum Doula Package 

One free consultation
One prenatal meeting

Anytime support via phone/text/email during your postpartum
Support during contracted hours
Discounted placenta services

On-call lactation support (extra charge applies)

Description of Services

Initial Consultation:  The initial consultation is a free meeting to determine if we are a good fit.  If you decide to move forward, contract, intake paperwork, and retainer fee are due within (one) week of the consultation.  I cannot guarantee availability for after one week from the consultation date.

Prenatal Meetings:  We will meet once during your pregnancy.  Meetings can be scheduled at any point in your pregnancy as determined by you, but I recommend completing the meeting by 37 weeks of pregnancy.  Time length of meeting averages 1 to 2 hours.  During our meeting, we will cover postpartum planning and preferences, goals and needs for your postpartum, informed consent and decision making as needed, comfort measures and healing,  education, lactation, and any other subject as requested by the client.

Availability: I am available for support, resource and referral requests, information, planning, and any other service-related need via phone, text, or email at any time during our time working together, beginning at contract signing.

Additional Meetings:  Additional dates of service can be added to your contract at anytime.  Additional days/hours are charged at the "a la carte" rate unless an additional package is added.

Postpartum Support:  Designated dates and hours of service will be discussed and agreed upon between the doula and client, and are detailed in this contract.  I will arrive at your home on the agreed upon dates and times, and provide postpartum support in the forms of: physical and emotional support and care, care of older children, suggestions for optimal healing and recovery, light house-keeping, errands, meal-prep, education on postpartum and newborn topics, referrals, pet care, babywearing education, healthy sleep habits, newborn care while the family naps, sleeps, or takes a break, assistance with processing the birth and transition, lactation education and support. 

Overnight Support:  I will remain provide newborn care during the overnight hours while the new parents sleep.  For nursing infants, you may provide pumped milk or request the baby be brought to you for feedings.

On-Call Lactation Support: As an add-on to postpartum services, I am available for on-call lactation support during the first two (2) weeks postpartum.  On-call support includes 24/7 availability for troubleshooting of normal breastfeeding issues, including but not limited to: latch issues, supply issues, and nipple pain/discomfort, via phone/text/email, or in-person support as needed within twenty-four (24) hours of request.  Lactation support during scheduled hours is included in postpartum services.

Limitations of Postpartum Doula Services 

Scope of practice: As your doula, I am not a medical staff and do not provide any medical services, including but not limited to: 

  • Clinical tasks or medical assessment

  • Medical advice or diagnosis


Resources and referrals (local and national) will be provided for any additional needs outside of the herein listed services/scope of practice.    

Continuity of care, termination of a contract, and refund policies

Back-up doula:  On occasion, a birth occurs during a postpartum shift.  In this situation, a back-up doula is guaranteed to attend the scheduled shift as desired by the family.  A primary and secondary back-up doula will be assigned to every family.  You have the option to choose your back-up doula, or review my list of doulas I use.  Families may also choose to reschedule the shift if they prefer a back-up doula not attend.

Inability to attend:  If I am unable to attend a scheduled shift due to an extraordinary circumstance, including but not limited to: natural disaster, extreme weather, car accident, your back-up doula will be called to attend the shift.  Myself and/or your designated back-up doula will make every attempt to get to you during your scheduled shift.  If neither I nor your back-up doula are able to attend due to extraordinary circumstances, no refund will be given and a replacement shift will be provided.

Inability to reach the client:  If you do not answer the door during the scheduled shift and are unreachable, I (or my back-up doula) will wait for 15 minutes.  If after 15 minutes you are still not home and unreachable, the shift will be canceled and no refund will be given. 

Reschedules by client: Clients may reschedule shifts as needed.  I appreciate as much notice as possible if the client knows they'll need to reschedule.   The client must defer to my existing availability for rescheduled shifts.  If the client reschedules after arrival for the scheduled shift (when I am already present at the client's home), that shift will be forfeited without refund.

Continuous reschedules: After the third consecutive reschedule, the doula reserves the right to cancel the contract.

Termination of contract by doula:  I reserve the right to terminate a contract at will and assure this right will be used only under extreme circumstances or when there is a question of safety.  The client will be notified in writing, and referred for alternate postpartum support as requested.   Refunds for doula terminated contract are as follows: 

  • If the termination occurs prior to any services being rendered, a full refund will be given. 

  • If the termination occurs after the prenatal meeting, but before services are rendered, there will be no refund of the retainer fee.  The remaining amount will be refunded if the client has paid in full.  If the client has not paid in full, no further charges will be assessed.

  • If the termination occurs after services are rendered, but before completion of the contract, there will be no refund of the retainer fee or moneys received or owed for hours worked to date.  The client will be charged a prorated rate with the remaining contracted amount due within three days.

Termination of contract by client:  Due to closing of availability for the client's requested service window, refunds are not given for client terminated contracts except in the following situations: 

  • Termination of contract within 48 hours of contract signing - full refund

  • Termination of contract due to loss of pregnancy, stillbirth, or neonatal demise - full refund

  • Termination of contract prior to services rendered - no refund of the retainer fee; refund of the remaining money paid towards postpartum services

Because we, as doulas, close our availability to other families during your contracted time window, clients are expected to fulfill their agreement for doula services regardless of fulfillment of contract if the contract is terminated by the client, except for in the situations listed above.  Refunds for additional extraordinary circumstances will be considered case by case.

Should the client for any reason decide to file a grievance, grievance procedures through the doula’s certifying agency (DONA International) will be provided. Please note that doula fees are non-refundable, except in the situations listed above.  

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