Postpartum Care

Support for new parents is just as important as labor and birth support.  "The fourth trimester" refers to that magical yet transitional time when you bring your new baby home and adjust to your new normal.  Postpartum doula support is designed to make that transition smooth so you can enjoy the beginning of parenthood feeling fully supported and confident.


Includes: a free get-acquainted meeting for me to learn about your family's needs for postpartum, anytime availability for questions, assistance in planning for your baby and space, lactation and feeding questions, referrals to local birth, baby, and wellness providers


Includes: physical and emotional support and care for new parents, information and suggestions for optimal recovery and wellness, light house-keeping, errands, meal prep, education on various postpartum and newborn topics (like nursing or cord care), pet care, referrals


Includes: information and education on newborn care, diapering, bathing, cord care, soothing techniques, babywearing, healthy sleep habits, and much more - baby care while parents nap, shower, self-care, or just take a break, assistance in helping the whole family transition


Includes: lactation education on a variety of lactation topics, latch-practice so you feel confident obtaining a deep latch, pumping education, recommendations for optimal supply, anytime availability for questions or help - even at 3am.

Postpartum doula support is fully customizable to meet your family's unique needs.  Most families meet with me prenatally to get acquainted and establish the most important factors for your postpartum time, but postpartum support is available for anyone at any point in their journey.

Packages and Rates

Postpartum support packages are customizable to meet your family's unique needs.  Cumulative hours offered per package can be adjusted by hours, days, or weeks as needed.

Basic Postpartum

great for parents who want more coverage and support during their postpartum time, or for parents who have older children:

4 weeks of support, 4 hours per day, 3 days per week 


Immediate postpartum

especially helpful for establishing nursing and creating an environment that encourages optimal rest and recovery for the birthing parent:

 2 weeks of support, 4 hours per day, 3 days per week 


Full Postpartum

perfect for parents with older children who have little free help from family/friends, or who want a high level of support and coverage during their postapartum:

6 weeks of support, 4 hours per day, 3 days per week 

The Sleep Package

overnight support only, great for parents

who want a postpartum doula to help preserve sleep in the early weeks:

 2 weeks of support, 3 days per week -or-

3 weeks of support, 2 days per week

6 hour shifts: $1150

8 hour shifts: $1500

A la carte (days): $30 per hour

A la carte (nights): $35 per hour

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