Birth Support

Doula care is centered around you, your family, and your unique journey to parenthood.  We focus on a teamwork approach to birth support, emphasizing your individuality, your partner's wishes, respect for your process and space, informed consent, and confident decision making.

Assistance with curating your birth vision

We spend time during our two prenatal visits talking about your birth vision and preferences, and answering any questions you have.

On-call availability and anytime assistance

On-call availability begins at contract signing, and I am always available for questions, resources, referrals, information, and to talk through new circumstances.

Build a support plan

Based on you and your partner's vision and preferences, we build a support plan centered around emphasizing your partner's wishes for participation level.  You and your partner's experience is centered in everything we do.

Learn & implement natural comfort techniques

We dedicate almost an entire meeting to learning natural comfort techniques and coping skills for labor.  At your birth, we use a variety of hands-on tools, troubleshooting techniqes, and coaching to help you cope.

Postpartum and newborn education

We discuss postpartum with a whole-being wellness approach - for birthing parent and baby!  We cover postpartum recovery, healing, newborn care, and develop a postpartum plan as needed.

Lactation and baby-feeding support

We cover the basics of lactation and newborn feeding during our prenatal sessions, and learn latch and nursing during your immediate postpartum.  Optional on-call lactation support for four weeks postpartum is available.

Unbiased support for your birth choices

Birth support is for all families, and all types of birth.   Families planning their births in any and all settings are welcome, and all birthing choices are supported, including but not limited to:

  • epidural or medication-assisted births

  • natural birth

  • water birth

  • OB, MD, CNM, or CPM assisted births

  • planned or unplanned surgical births

  • hospital birth

  • home or birth center

As your doula, my goal is that you have a positive experience, and that you feel respected, supported, empowered, and at the center of your birth.


Birth Doula Package: $1000

Free initial meeting

Anytime availability via phone, text, or email

Two prenatal meetings

Continuous birth support

Immediate postpartum support

One postpartum meeting

Birth + Lactation: $1100

Free initial meeting

Anytime availability via phone, text, or email

Two prenatal meetings

Continuous birth support

Immediate postpartum support

One postpartum meeting

Four weeks of on-call lactation assistance at your home

Birth + Postpartum

Add a postpartum doula package and take 15% your postpartum services

Add placenta encapsulation

Add placenta encapsulation to any of the above packages and receive $40 off placenta services

What people say

"It was such a relief to have a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable ally through this process. Looking back, I don't know how we would've done it without her!"


"I truly believe that you are the reason that R's entrance into this world went as smoothly, magically, and beautifully as it did.  I am so grateful for your presence and calm.  You have a gift!"


"I don't know how women can do birth without a doula. Britt was what we needed and highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula." 

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