Client Stories

"We used Britt's doula services recently for the birth of our first child, as well as placenta encapsulation. As new parents, we felt we were going into this blindly, despite all the research we put into pregnancy and birth. We had heard about doula services and looked into it as an option to help us feel supported, informed, and advocated for within our desires for birth. Upon our first meeting with Britt, we knew she was the right pick for us. Her knowledge of everything birth related was immediately apparent, though she didn't push her ideas of what is "right" for birth on us, just gave us the information and allowed us to make the decisions best for our family. Her calm, quiet presense was what sealed the deal for me! As an introvert and pretty private person, I didn't know how I would feel about someone I didn't really know present through such a meaningful experience. Britt, although, managed to put me at ease and was there in a way that felt supportive, but not at all intrusive or overbearing. Her knowledge and calming, supportive presense was a constant through prenatal visits, as well as the stress of birth. As is often the case, our birth experience went "off course" a bit and Britt remained a supportive advocate throughout it all. My wife and I have commented to each other many times since our first prenatal visit about how hiring Britt was our best decision within the birth experience! If we decide to do this again, there is no question we would want her there. I simply can't say enough good things about Britt!" - CS

Britt was an irreplaceable member of our pregnancy, labor and postpartum journey.  As we prepared for labor in the last couple of months, Britt did a great job checking in with me and showing us some techniques and moves to help us better position the baby and provide comfort during labor.  While our birth plan did not go the way we had anticipated, Britt was supportive through every decision we made and coached us to the best possible outcome.  After our beautiful boy was born, Britt was able to answer all our first-time parent questions about breast feeding, postpartum healing and more. She even helped us re-adjust our car seat and assured us we were fitting it correctly for our son.

It was such a relief to have a kind, compassionate and knowledgeable ally through this process. Looking back, I don't know how we would've done it without her! - CW

"I truly believe that you are the reason that R's entrance into this world went as smoothly, magically, and beautifully as it did.  I am so grateful for your presence and calm.  You have a gift!" - RT

"Britt was an amazing Doula, and we couldn't have asked for someone better. When we found out we were having our bundle of joy, we knew for sure that we wanted to go all natural. When it came to having a doula, we weren't 100% sure if we wanted one until our birthing class. Hearing birth stories of other moms having a doula and having the ability to delivery naturally was my final push of YES, I need a doula; not just for myself but my husband as well.  During prelabor, she kept be Educated on the phases and the process of natural birth. When labor started, she helped me coped. Britt was always reassuring me of how strong I can be, and reminding me to take care of myself during labor. I couldn't be anymore happy with my experience.  Brittany and Sonia (her Doula Intern), as well as the MN Birth Center team was a great support, and I wouldn't have it any other way."  - LV

"Brittany Duncan was my amazing birth doula. Going into my second pregnancy I was worried and scared. I delivered my first baby at 31 weeks so I was very concerned I would also deliver my second preterm. Brittany was with me from the beginning. She assured me she would be there for me and get us threw my delivery when the time came, and she did. She helped ease the stress and reminded me to take one day at a time. When the time came Brittany was my right hand. I seriously can not imagine going into labor and delivering my baby without her. My husband also agrees with me! Brittany not only helped me deliver my baby, she showed me how much strength and courage I didn't even know I had. She pushed me when I wanted to give up. She was by my side, when my husband was nervous and forgot what to do. She was there to remind hospital staff what I needed and wanted. She was the one who helped explain what the nurses informed me and I had no idea what they were talking about. Brittany was my lifesaver! Without her support, encouragement, knowledge, and experience my birth story wouldn't be my story! Thank you Brittany for being my lifesaver! I highly recommend her services." - JO

"I am so thankful I choose Britt as my doula. When I made the decision to have my first natural birth I knew I needed support from someone who was going to give me the encouragement and knowledge I needed. Britt was kind, understanding, non-judgmental and personable. We went through 3 weeks of on and off false labor and Britt was readily available to answer questions and help me cope through the stress. She spent time teaching my husband and I comfort measures that ended up helping me a great deal during (painful back) labor. We also used her placenta services and she delivered the final product in a timely and very beautifully presented manner. She is notably passionate about what she does and I will continue to encourage others to use her services. Thank you for everything, Britt!" - ME

"When we met Britt, we immediately knew that she was the perfect doula to be with us during this experience. Her calm, warmth, passion and confidence are what immediately stood out to us at our first meeting. She had so much experience with many kinds of births, and we felt really listened to from the beginning. As I imagine is true for most first-time mothers, there were so many things that surprised me about my birth experience. What surprised me most, however, is that while I was transitioning and getting close to pushing, we found out my daughter was breech and I’d have to have a immediate cesarean! Britt was the person I trusted most in the room. I don’t know how I would have managed had she not been there for me to ask “Do I have to do this?” I knew that she understood how important it was for me to feel encouraged and empowered during birth, so when she looked at me and said “You’re safe, your baby is safe, you’re both going to be fine, but this is how she’s going to be born, and that is ok” it was so much easier to let go of the expectations I had had, and just be excited that I was going to meet my baby soon! I had built up cesareans as being a terrible way to give birth, but with Britt’s help making decisions about what I would want should it come to a c-section, during our prenatal meetings, my daughter’s birth was still beautiful and intimate. We were so thankful she was there will us to get us through such an unexpected event, and there to share in our happiness as we met our daughter! (Also, not related to how great she is at being a doula, but worth noting, she takes pretty great photos! She captured some gorgeous first moments with our daughter that make us tear up every time we look at them!)" - JSS

"Britt was exactly what my husband and I needed in a doula. She has a lot of experience, both with assisting births and giving birth herself. You can tell Britt cares about people and how their birth experience. In my personal birth story, I had a few nurses that had non evidence based opinions and Britt made sure we had all the facts before making any decisions. I ended up having an unplanned c section and was very upset about it. Britt was right with my husband and I to help digest the news and talk it through. She helped ensure the doctors were making the right call.

I don't know how women can do birth without a doula. Britt was what we needed and highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula." - AL

"As a professional doula myself, when I was planning my home birth I knew I HAD to include a doula in my birth team. Brittany was a colleague in the local birth world, and someone I knew I could feel 100% comfortable with. When we first talked, she was so supportive of my family and our birthing choices, and it made us very excited knowing she would have such a non judgemental role. She took a welcoming internet in my husbands perspective on the birth proces, and always made sure to include him. During my birth she was an immense support with her hands on comfort techniques, and a unique support in moments of laughter while we flipped through movies and music while laboring my baby down. 


Brittany worked so well alongside my homebirth midwives as well, and knew just when to be hands on, and when to step back a bit, grab my cold water, and step back into my birth space. 


I would recommend Brittany as a birth doula to anyone looking for 100% support and encouragement" - JK

"Brittany was a phenomenal doula, and exactly what I was looking for. Brittany is knowledgeable, straight forward, and trusts women. I knew that I wanted to labor at home for as long as I could, and trust my body and my baby. In our meetings, Brittany talked me thought what was going to happen, as I was a first time mom. The info was what I needed, and made me comfortable and ready. She warned me that there would be a time that I would want to give up. I didn’t really believe her, but there was that moment. And she guided me though that moment with kindness and strength. I am so grateful for her wisdom and calmness throughout my labor." 

- JM

The greatest gift...


Is a happy new family, and to know that we, as doulas, helped you have a more positive birth experience.

A special thank you to all my BSBB families that have welcomed me into their journey, and have given the gift of kind words and happy memories.

- Doula Britt

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